Västervik Mustard Hot (Silver Medal Winner 2014) - 200 grams

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Västerviks Senap Stark is a classic quality mustard that enhances the taste experience.

Connoisseur's choice

Sweet and strong mustard with a light hint of fruit. Perfect for sausages, ham, in a mustard vinaigrette or as a flavoring agent in sauce.

You can enjoy Västervik's mustard® in several formats. Tube 200g, jar 300g and large bottle of 500g for those of you who can't get enough of Västervik's fantastic mustard.

Västervik's mustard® won a silver medal in the "Sweet hot" category in the 2014 Mustard World Cup!

About 300 mustard varieties from 27 different countries participated in the competition. There were 16 categories to compete in and in each category gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded.

The jury's reasoning was: "It is a magnificent mustard. If there is a way to get it into the U.S. market, it would do well.”

Sugar, water, mustard seed, vinegar, salt, spices (including cinnamon, coriander).