Semper Pofiber - 125 grams

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Gluten-free Pofiber – baking aid for juicier bread.

Bake juicier bread and prepare dishes that include gluten-free breadcrumbs. Made from Swedish potatoes, Pofiber is a completely natural product without additives. Pofiber is a finely divided fiber flour that effectively binds large amounts of liquid. It can be used in gluten-free baking for firmer doughs and juicier bread and in dishes such as breadcrumbs for e.g. breading.

Pofiber is made from Swedish potatoes through a special manufacturing method where the pulp of the potatoes is cleaned and dried. Food and bread become both tastier and juicier with Semper Pofiber.

Bake juicier gluten-free bread.

Neutral taste, aroma and color and can be advantageously used when baking both white bread and fika bread.

Use as gluten-free breadcrumbs, e.g. when breading or in meatballs.

Made from Swedish potatoes.

With high fiber content.

Dried potato fibers.