Semper Milk Free Oatmeal Banana Blueberry & Strawberry - 400 grams

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Porridge with whole grain, with a round and mild fruity taste that is suitable for children from 1 year.

New recipe & new packaging!

- Contains oat and pea protein

- Contains wholemeal rye flour.

Milk protein and lactose free

Vitamin and mineral enriched


Does not contain palm oil

Semper's dairy-free gruel from 1 year is made from oats, corn and rye, which means that it therefore contains more fiber. The gruel has a round and mild taste.

The porridge contains protein from peas and oats, partly to provide the right amount of protein but even more importantly to get the right quality. The oat and pea protein are chosen to complement each other and together provide all the amino acids that the child needs.