Mjälloms Flatbread, Gammeldags - 320 grams

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Water, flour and hot ovens – the origin of the Swedish bread classic flatbread. In the small village of Mjällom, Sweden's oldest thin bread bakery, Mjällom Tunnbröd, was founded in 1923.

Old-fashioned flatbread is a full-bodied flatbread with a fine balance between wheat and rye. Just as obviously for the good moments of everyday life as for our Swedish holidays.
Here we have balanced wheat and rye to create a crispy and nutritious all-round bread with a soft taste.

WHEAT FLOUR, water, RYE FLOUR, WHEAT GLUTEN, brown syrup, BARLEY MALT FLOUR, salt, dry yeast, deer antler salt, amylase, flour treatment agent (E300), xylanase.