Leksands Tre Kullor, Oats & Sea Salt - 180 grams

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Our new oat crackers are crunchy, biscuity and musty, a character that can only be obtained from the very finest Swedish oats. In combination with seeds and sea salt, we have created a thin crust that no one wants to be without. It is suitable for breakfast as well as for the cheese and charcuterie tray and is a combination of a traditional thin cracker that with its lovely seeds and popped grains gets an exciting taste

With pride, our skilled bakers shape each dough individually, and the bread is baked in the traditional way – on trays in our pastry ovens. Of course, we bake with natural ingredients and water from our own source. Genuine pleasure since 1817.

OAT GRILLS 20%, OAT BRAN 14%, OAT FLOUR 11%, honey, brown linseeds, yellow linseeds, pumpkin seeds, POPPED CORN KERNELS, rapeseed oil, water, melon seeds, sea salt 1%, yeast, salt..