Knorr Soldier's Pea Soup - 350 grams

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Knorr Soldier's Pea Soup is a creamy and rich pea soup that is an obvious part of the Swedish home cooking. Also suitable for outings. The soup is a true classic that both warms and satiates. We have added extra pork, which makes the soup taste and fill even more! Knorr Soldier's Pea Soup is a ready-made canned soup for an easily prepared and tasty meal. Just dilute with water according to the instructions on the can, heat in a saucepan on the stove or in the microwave - and enjoy.

Knorr Soldier's Pea Soup provides 5 dl of soup and is enough for 2 servings. It is equally good as lunch or dinner all year round. Perfect everyday food! For variety, you can flavor with some herbal seasoning, for example thyme or marjoram. Goes well with a sandwich for an even healthier meal. 

Classic Soldier's Pea Soup canned soup: • With extra pork • Quick to prepare - just add water and let it boil on the stove or heat in the microwave • Tip! Feel free to flavor with thyme or marjoram • Easy to take out into nature for a simple meal • Makes 5 dl, approx. 2 portions