Knorr Fond Du Chef Vegetable Stock Concentrate - 8x24 grams

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Knorr Fond "du Chef" Vegetable has a rich and delicate taste, with an incredible number of uses in cooking. Discover the good taste together with grilled vegetables, potatoes, rice, for baking bread or with fish.

Concentrated vegetable broth 61% (water, vegetables[1] 16% (carrot, leek, bell pepper, ROOT CELERY)), salt, palm fat, sugar, yeast extract, spices and herbs (including parsley[1] and CELERY SEEDS), thickener ( xanthan gum, fruit pulp), flavoring (contains onion), caramelized syrup, maltodextrin. [1]Sustainably grown ingredients, read more at: Unilever promotes sustainably grown palm oil. Read more at: