Knorr Fish Stock Cubes - 120 grams

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Knorr Fish broth is the perfect kitchen aid when there is fish on the menu. With a mild and balanced taste, the broth is an indispensable aid for better cooking. Use fish stock in stews, fish dishes or to take your fish soup to new heights. Let a bouillon cube replace salt in the water when you cook rice, pasta or vegetables. Knorr fish broth is MSG-free.

Salt, vegetable fat (palm, shea, sal), starch, FISH POWDER 5.6%, yeast extract, sugar, onion powder[1], garlic powder[1], aroma, spices and herbs (including parsley[1] and CELERY SEEDS ), FISH EXTRACT, FISH OIL, smoke flavoring. May contain crustaceans and molluscs. [1]Sustainably grown ingredients, read more at: Unilever promotes sustainably grown palm oil. Read more at: