Knorr Carbonara Sauce Mix - 3x2.5 dl

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Knorr Carbonara Pasta Sauce is a classic Italian ham sauce that is perfect when you want a quick and tasty pasta meal. Whisk together the contents of a bag with a little water, bring to a boil and then serve with pasta.

Palm fat, potato starch, WHEAT FLOUR, salt, bacon fat (bacon from pig, salt, smoke) 7.8%, CREAM POWDER 7.1%, processed cheese powder (BLUE CHEESE, HARD CHEESE, CRESCENZA CHEESE, whey product (MILK)) 4.8%, EGG POWDER 4, 8%, glucose syrup, flavourings, sugar, hydrolysed vegetable protein, MILK PROTEIN, yeast extract, onion¹, parsley¹ 1%, garlic¹, mushroom¹, red pepper¹. May contain traces of soy, celery and mustard. Heavily salted. ¹Sustainably grown ingredients, read more at: Unilever promotes sustainably grown palm oil. Visit: