Knorr Wholegrain Pasta Snack Pot, Spinach & Cheese - 62 grams

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Knorr Snack Pot Spinach & Cheese is a tasty and filling pasta dish that is perfect as a snack or lunch. New Snack Pot contains 100% whole grain pasta and therefore has both fiber and good taste in the same package. Snack Pot is easy to prepare: pour boiling water into the cup, stir and close the lid. The food is ready in five minutes. Snack Pot Spinach & Cheese contains whole grain pasta, cheese and spinach in a good sauce. Snack Pot Spinach & Cheese is suitable for vegetarians. Try other Knorr Snackpot flavors too!

Whole wheat pasta 55% (DURUM WHEAT, WHEAT BRAN), starch, CHEESE POWDER 9% (CHEESE, whey product (MILK)), FOAM MILK POWDER, CREAM, sunflower oil, flavors (contains MILK), spinach¹ 1.4%, whey powder (MILK), potassium chloride, sugar, iodized salt, palm fat, spring onion¹, onion¹, spices (garlic¹, pepper, nutmeg, turmeric), MILK SUGAR, yeast extract, MILK PROTEIN, salt. May contain other grains containing gluten, celery, mustard, sesame, soy and eggs. ¹Sustainably grown ingredients, read more at: