Johnny's Senap Chipotle & Black Pepper Mustard 500 grams

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Johnny´s Mustard Chipotle and Black Pepper is a perfect friend at the barbecue and brings several dishes to life with its intense heat. Roasted fennel, baked potatoes and grilled eggplant are some examples.

Johnny´s Mustard Chipotle and Black Pepper have an intense heat that brings the taste buds to life, but the heat is nicely balanced with sweetness. The scent is intensely marked by the sour and strong. The color has a smooth and shiny surface, but in the fine surface are hidden red strings of chipotle and black islands of black pepper.

A tip is to use Johnnys Mustard Chipotle and Black Pepper as seasoning in marinades, stews and sauces. Johnny´s Mustard Chipotle and Black Pepper also go well in a hot mayonnaise. Mix egg yolk and mustard and then drizzle over mild olive oil while whisking. You can also turn the mustard into a nice chutney - mix the mustard with the pineapple or your favorite fruit in pieces. Done!

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, water, MUSTARD SEED, vinegar, salt, spices (including black pepper, chili, chipotle extract, cinnamon, coriander).