Johnny's Mustard Coarse Ground Sweet & Hot - 500 grams

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Dark color with fine little dots of mustard seeds. The scent feels concentrated with slightly berry notes like pickled cherries or fig marmalade. The taste is powerful – thick, sweet, a little hot and sour. In the mouth, it feels rich with a refreshing aftertaste that contains both sweetness and acid.
Sausages and hamburgers. It makes a perfect topping for a good piece of meat with root vegetables or creamy gratin.
The fine combination of heat and sweetness means that the mustard goes well with mature cheeses, for example a fine Alpost, an aged Swedish Västerbotten or Präst taste lovely together with the strong sweet mustard. Also try mixing Johnnys mustard with fresh figs or pitted cherries. A delicacy is to mix the mustard with fresh strawberries and a scoop of nice vanilla ice cream!

Sugar, water, MUSTARD SEEDS, vinegar, salt, spices (including cinnamon, coriander).