Crispbread - Knäckebröd Wasa Falu Råg-Rut 235 grams

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Wasa Crispbread Falu Råg-rut is our classic that is found in many Swedish homes. This rye crisp with 100% whole grain is baked on rye wholemeal flour. Falu Rågrut consists of light and crispy air cushions that can be broken separately and used as breakfast cereals or in soup. Divide the rye crispbread in the middle if you want two crispbreads. Wasa wholemeal crispbread contains a lot of dietary fiber and is 100% climate compensated. Enjoy a pillow crispbread for a crunchy and tasty snack.

Wasa, founded in 1919, is today the world's largest manufacturer of crispbread. Wasabröd was founded in Skellefteå in 1919 by baker Karl Edvard Lundström under the name AB Skellefteå Spisbrödsfabrik and in the early '30s moved the company to Filipstad where they still have its factory. The name Wasa was taken from the Swedish king Gustav Vasa whose picture adorned the early bread packages. Since crispbread is traditionally baked by rye, Wasabröd set a sales slogan, "Wasabröd gives rye in the back", which Wasa used for a long time in their marketing. A clear focus of Wasa and their various crispbreads is appetizing; crispbread should appeal to both sight and taste.

Ingredients: Wholegrain rye flour, yeast, salt.