Wasa Julknäcke, Christmas Crispbread - 300 grams

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Celebrate Christmas with good Wasa Christmas crackers! A light and crispy Christmas cracker bread that is baked with 100% renewable energy according to our traditional Christmas recipe. In addition to 92% wheat flour, Wasa Christmas crackers contain aromatic ingredients that belong to Christmas: fennel, anise and coriander. Ingredients that not only taste like a good Christmas in themselves, but which also go perfectly with all the wonderful toppings, accessories and dishes of Christmas. Why not start the Christmas mornings with a simple Christmas cracker together with your favorite toppings to set a peaceful Christmas mood right from the start? The Christmas cracker is also the perfect accessory for the Christmas meal or Christmas coffee.

Wasa Christmas crackers are 100% climate compensated and are only baked for the Christmas period and are therefore only available then.

Wheat flour (92%), yeast, sugar, sunflower seed oil, salt, fennel (1.2%), anise (0.51%), coriander (0.39%).