Hjärtats Mustard Original, Coarse-grained - 175 grams

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For every can of Hjärtats Senap Original sold, we donate SEK 5 to the organization Mind, which works to reduce mental illness in Sweden

With a well-balanced strength and just the right amount of sweetness

Made by a family business that also grows mustard seeds for production

Hjärtats Senap Original is a classic Swedish coarse-grained mustard, with a well-balanced strength and just the right amount of sweetness. Made in Östergötland by a family business that grows mustard seeds themselves for mustard production. The product is tested through Apotek Hjärtat's process for food, where both taste and consistency are carefully tested and ingredients are tested and approved in accordance with Swedish legislation and the recommendations of the Swedish Food Agency. Hjärtat's Mustard original is vegan, which means that it is completely free of animal ingredients. 175 g.

Water, sugar, yellow and brown MUSTARD seeds, red wine vinegar, salt, vinegar, acid, spices.