Doggy Christmas Paté For Dogs - 370 grams

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Christmas chow for your canine companion.

The Swedish Christmas is for many a celebration of food. And of course the whole family should be involved. Now Doggy AB is launching two Christmas novelties that fit perfectly under the tree or as extra tasty Christmas food for the four-legged ones when the rest of the family has set the Christmas table: Meow Christmas Herring for the cat and Doggy Christmas Paté for the dog.

Doggy tetra Christmas pate. Tasty wet food in pâté with the taste of turkey, chicken, beef and pork is prepared in Vårgårda with only Swedish ingredients and without added grains and sugar. Contains natural raw materials and has an adapted nutritional and energy content that suits all types of dogs. Perfect complete feed that is excellent as its own meal or as a topping on the dry feed. The feed is served in a recyclable Tetra recart that is easy to open and reseal.