Fazer Remix Favourites - 500g

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Remix is the market's most versatile candy mix and a colorful addition to the candy shelf. The Remix bags combine great flavors and options for everyone – this candy mix is perfect to share with friends! Remix Favorites offers a whole bag of favorites that have been selected by consumers. Is your favorite included?

sugar, glucose syrup, modified potato starch, WHEAT starch, gelatin, acidity regulator (E270, E325, E330, E334), WHEAT flour, liquorice extract, ammonium chloride (salmiak), corn starch, flavourings, vegetable fat (certified palm oil), coloring food (carrot concentrate, black carrot, radish), dyes (E153, E120, E141, E163, E100, E160a, E132), surface treatment (E903, E901). MAY CONTAIN MILK.