Fazer Karl Fazer Green Balls Milk Chocolate - 200 grams

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Two of Karls Fazer's most loved flavors are combined here in a wonderful chocolate cake. Velvety milk chocolate together with Gröna Kulor is a combination that surprises and always puts you in a good mood!

Finland's most loved chocolate has been given its uniquely rich taste from the best possible raw materials since 1922. Our chocolate is made from real milk and all Fazer's delicious chocolate products are made from 100% responsibly produced cocoa.

MILK, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, glucose-fructose syrup, pear puree, glucose syrup, WHEAT fiber, gelling agent (pectin), emulsifier (SOYA lecithin), flavors (including pear), acidity regulator (E296), salt, color (E141). MAY CONTAIN NUTS, ALMONDS AND OTHER GRAINS CONTAINING GLUTEN. The milk chocolate contains at least 30% cocoa.