Fazer Ässä Missä X - 180 grams

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Ace Mix or Miss X? The Finns' favorite Ässä combines the best flavors with the familiar Ässä salmia licorice. The Missä X bag contains the delicious flavors of pineapple, strawberry, gooseberry, raspberry and salmiak with a coating of sour sugar. Find your favorite combination – the small and quirky candy figures are good both alone and together! Eat alone or share the Missä X bag with friends. This deliciously sour taste experience leaves no one untouched.

sugar, glucose syrup, modified potato starch, WHEAT starch, acidity regulator (E270, E330, E325), ammonium chloride (salmiac), licorice extract, corn starch, flavourings, vegetable fat (palm), food coloring (radish and carrot concentrate), dyes (E153, E163, E141, E160a, E100).