Zoégas Expedition Kahawa, whole beans - 750 grams

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Zoéga's Master Barista Ola Persson faces a challenge. In a couple of weeks, he will be competing in the International Coffee Championship in Dubai – a competition that he not only wants to try to win, but do it in his own way. He therefore travels to Kenya and embarks on a grand adventure around the foot of Mount Kenya. There, in just one week, he must manage to find the ultimate coffee bean for his competition blend. The expedition leads him criss-crossing Kenya's vast savannahs, deep plantations and high mountains.

ZOÉGAS KAHAWA is the result of the search for the ultimate coffee blend. KAHAWA is a fruity, flavorful, full-bodied and balanced dark roast with notes of berry and tangerine. 100% Arabica beans from Brazil and East Africa.