Wasa 100 - 245 grams

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Invite us to our exciting anniversary crisp bread Wasa 100. A delicious, thin crisp bread with seeds that was developed to celebrate the fact that we baked crisp bread for a whole hundred years!

With Wasa 100, you get a thin crispbread that is made from 100% whole grain rye flour and is topped with mixed seeds and sea salt. It gives a nice crispbread where the nutty and round flavors from poppy seed and linseed break nicely against the sea salt, so the crisp goes well with all kinds of toppings. Eat it for coffee, as a meal accessory or for breakfast with whatever you like best. This is a nice thin crusty bread that goes especially well with the cheese tray and goodies from the deli counter.

Wasa 100 anniversary cracker is of course 100% climate compensated.

Whole grain rye flour, yeast, poppy seeds (6.9%), flax seeds (6.3%), sea salt (0.6%), salt.