Leksands Triangle, Four Grain - 200 grams

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The triangular bread is a round cracker cut into portioned pieces, just enough for most people. The triangles are easy to handle and fit well in the bread basket. They are packed in smaller packages and are especially suitable for small households and for those who want to have several different types of bread at home.

Fyra Sädesslag is an extra fiber-rich and healthy crispbread that is baked on whole grain rye, oats, wheat and barley. With a whopping 19 percent fibre, Fyra Sädesslag is a rich and particularly healthy bread. To make it extra healthy and beautiful, the bread is sprinkled with rye flakes. Good for all meals!

Whole grain rye flour*, whole wheat flour*, oat bran*, barley flour*, water from our own source*, yeast* and salt
*from Sweden