Kavli American Dressing Jalapeño - 230 grams

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Kavli's creamy Hamburger dressing jalapeño is a real hot favorite. It is carefully made with crunchy cucumber and hot green jalapeño.

A hot and creamy dressing

Like a really hot hamburger dressing should taste like! Creaminess meets crispness and burning power!

Kavli's creamy hamburger dressing Jalapeño is of course perfectly suited to hamburgers and also lifts the taco, fajita or burrito!

In the spring of 2021, the tubes for American dressing will reduce plastic by a total of 47 tons for the entire range. Thanks to a thinner plastic, Kavli reduces the plastic in the tubes for American dressing 230g by 17%. At the same time, the tubes are 100% recyclable as both tube and cork contain the same plastic material.