Fazer Leipurit Bread mix with oats and cranberries - 600 g

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The bread mix contains Finnish oats and plenty of delicious cranberries (6.9%) and is intended for baking simple breads and tasty rolls. The preparation is simple - you only need to add water and yeast to the flour mix and the recipes on the package will help you succeed both with pot bread that needs to rise overnight and to bake right away

The package has a pouring spout and one package is enough for 1–2 loaves of bread or a sheet of rolls.

The bread mix is suitable for vegans and is also suitable for FODMAP dieters thanks to the fact that it contains the Fazer LOFO™ enzyme*.

Fazer has patented an enzyme, Fazer LOFO™, which is the first easy-to-use solution in the world that also offers FODMAP dieters delicious, healthy baked goods. The enzyme reduces the amount of FODMAP carbohydrates in bread without affecting the taste or texture of the bread. In bread baked from the bread mixes Oats and cranberries and Coarse seeds, the LOFO™ enzyme lowers the FODMAP content by at least 30% compared to bread baked without LOFO™.