Fazer Alku Quick harvest porridge in portion bags - 200 g

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The favorite among the Alku porridges is now available as instant porridge in portion bags! Fazer Alku Harvest Porridge offers a new version of the dear, familiar oatmeal and the portion bags make it quick to prepare. Alku Harvest Porridge contains a mixture of oats, barley and rye that gives a nice taste and good satiety, while sunflower seeds, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds give the porridge extra crunch.

Along with the good taste, you get proteins (14%) and plenty of fiber (11%), as well as magnesium, iron and zinc.

Whole grain OAT flakes, whole grain GRAIN flakes, whole grain RYE flakes, sunflower seeds (5%), flax seeds (4%), pumpkin seeds (3%), salt. MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF MILK, SOY, EGGS AND OTHER SEED.