Estrella West Coast Chips, Sourcream & Onion - 160 grams

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Net chips Sourcream & Onion are a new West Coast chip that really captures the taste. The potatoes for our net chips are sliced with the skin on in a net pattern that makes the rustic chips both airy and extra crispy. At the same time, the fine-mesh mesh helps capture the fresh flavor of sour cream and onion, creating a delicious crisp experience. Like all our West Coast chips, the net chips are deep-fried in small batches over a long period of time and flavored with natural spices. Is there anything better?

Potatoes*, sunflower/rapeseed oil, spice mixture (salt, WHEY powder (from MILK), onion powder, sugar, flavourings, BUTTERY MILK powder, yeast extract, yeast powder, parsley, garlic powder, acid (lactic acid)).
*Swedish Seal raw material