EKULF PowerFlosser Cordless

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EKULF PowerFlosser Cordless removes plaque and bacteria between the teeth and deep into the gum pockets where regular dental floss cannot reach. It's a rechargeable mouthwash that keeps your gums healthy and strong and takes up very little space in the bathroom.

The water jet pulses with a 0.6 mm ultra-fine water jet that massages the gums and provides increased circulation. More gentle than with traditional dental floss. The tip has a 360 degree rotation and the jet makes it easier to clean around dentures, bridges, implants and bridges. The water container holds 150 ml of water and is charged with a charging station (li-on battery) so that you can easily use it in the bathroom. The power flosser has an automatic shut-off after 2 minutes and has minimal noise.

The package also includes 2 Standard Nozzle tips that remove plaque between the teeth and deep into the gum pockets.

Ekulf offers a 2-year warranty ((does not apply to spare parts and tips).

Dosage & use
Aim the water jet at a 90 degree angle towards the teeth and gums. Move the water jet slowly along the teeth. Direct the water jet along the gum line with the nozzle at a 90 degree angle towards the gums. Clean between the teeth and carefully around any braces, crowns or bridges.

PowerFlosser ABS plastic. Container: PC. LI-ON battery. Packaging: Carton.