Mjallums Flatbread, Oats - 120 grams

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Havrtunnbröd is a classic bread baked on oats from our Swedish fields. Golden baked and tasty. Excellent in the bread basket as well as for a finer dinner.

In addition to the fact that oats have a good and nutty taste, they also have a number of positive health effects. Oat flatbread is suitable in most contexts as a meal accessory, but also as a snack sandwich or breakfast bread. The bread is cut into suitable portions and the unique packaging makes it easy to serve.

Water, WHEAT FLOUR, OAT whole grain flour, RYE FLOUR, WHEAT GLUTEN, brown syrup, BARLEY MALT FLOUR, salt, dry yeast, deer antler salt, amylase, flour treatment agent (E300), xylanase. Oats Flatbread 31% Oatmeal, 31% Wholemeal.