Abba Fish Balls In Broth - 375 grams

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Abba fish balls consist of fine MSC-labelled fish meat from haddock, cod, pollock and gold salmon. Tip! The broth is a great base for making sauce. Also, don't miss our recipe for pan-breaded fish balls. Catch area: the fish included in the fish bun varies depending on raw material availability. At Abba, we only use MSC-certified fish in our fish balls. The fish used are indicated in a code system on the bottom of the can, together with their respective catch area. Explanation code system: K = Haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus), T = Cod (Gadus morhua), S = Pollack (Pollachius virens), G = Gold salmon (Argentina silus), 1 = Barents Sea, 2 = Norwegian Sea, 3 = Skagerack and/ or Kattegat, 4 = North Sea, 5 = Sea around the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

Water, FISH meat (30%), MILK, potato flour, salt, rapeseed oil, spice extract (including nutmeg). Abba fish balls in broth contain 69% fish balls.