Zoégas Forza! - 450 grams

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Good coffee is our craft and passion. Go ahead! is a blend of Santo coffee from Brazil and hand-picked tall Arabica beans from the mountain slopes of East Africa. In our coffee roastery in Helsingborg, our master roasters have roasted the beans extra dark to highlight a fiery and flavorful coffee, with notes of dark chocolate and chili. With coffee knowledge from all over the world and passion for our craft, we create a tasty coffee of the highest quality. All so that we at Zoégas can give you as a coffee lover the best coffee, and let you experience a Zoégas moment together with a tasty cup of Forza!

Zoégas Forza! gives a fiery and powerful taste where a slight earthiness is combined with acidity and hints of tobacco. The aroma is rich with traces of bitter almond and chocolate. The coffee is excellent with chocolate, desserts and sweets. The sweetness pairs with the roughness of the coffee in an extraordinary way and creates a harmonious taste experience. The fire of the coffee also balances avec such as whiskey, sherry or punch.