Wasa Sport - 275 grams

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Discover Wasa Sport, our really coarse sports cracker with 100% whole grains. Do you want to know the secret behind our hearty sports bread? It is baked with only whole grain rye flour, salt and yeast. Which gives a sports snack that contains few ingredients but is full of energy and satiety at the same time. So if you want a crunchy and rustic cracker with a lot of fiber and flavor - then this cracker is for you!

A perfect sports bread for those who are active and need something filling to stand on. Get a solid start to the day, a good snack or eat it with the meal. The sports bread can be eaten as crisp bread or broken into pieces and eaten in the filet or porridge for extra fiber and whole grains.

This sports bread from Wasa contains 49 calories per slice and is of course 100% climate compensated!

Wholemeal rye flour, salt, yeast.