Wasa Falu, Chia & Sea Salt - 235 grams

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Discover Wasa Falu Wholemeal Chia & Sea Salt. It is based on our classic crisp bread with crispy air cushions that has become a favorite of many. Falu Rågrut Chia & Sea Salt is a tasty and exciting alternative with a round and nutty character. Flavors that offer completely new ways to experience Rågrut, as this crisp bread with squares and chia and sea salt is both more flavorful in itself, and enhances the flavors you serve it with.

Our cracker bread with squares is baked on wholemeal rye flour. In addition to a completely new taste experience, it of course has the same crispy air cushions in perfect rows that are so good for breaking into pieces. Use the pillows to top the salad or soup instead of croutons. The good flavors are also advantageously combined with delicious toppings from the delicatessen, for the cheese platter or as a starter with tasty side dishes. Fat cheeses, avocados and peppers are just a few flavors that marry nicely with our chia and sea salt crackers.

Keyhole marked and 100% climate compensated.

Whole grain rye flour (101 g*), chia seeds (Salvia hispanica) (3.8 g*), yeast, sea salt (0.9 g*), malted barley, salt. *g for 100 g of product. May contain traces of sesame seeds.