Semper Spisbröd Sourdouch Cripsbread - 330 grams

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Gluten-free crisp bread with sourdough. A tasty and crispy crispbread with a fine balance of sourdough and gluten-free whole grain oatmeal baked in a traditional brick oven. With these crisp bread classics, you can easily add luxury to everyday life, and Spisbrödet is always a given favorite at holiday buffets!

Rich in flavor.

A classic on the buffet!

Rich in fiber with pure whole grain oats.

Baked with sourdough.

FODMAP friendly.

Maize starch, gluten-free oat groats (25%), potato flour, modified potato starch, sugar, veg. fibers (gluten-free oats (2.5%), potato, cocoa), (rice flour, sourdough culture) thickener (guar kernel flour, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, sodium alginate, pectin), baking powder (gluconic acid delta lactone, sodium bicarbonate), rapeseed oil, iodized salt, yeast, minerals (iron), vitamins (thiamine, niacin, B6, folic acid).