Semper KICK! Raspberry - 375 grams

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Gluten-free granola with raspberries.

Start the day gluten-free with a crunchy oat mixture with dried raspberries on your favorite yogurt. The toasted oat flakes are good to sprinkle over a bowl of cottage cheese, fresh fruit and a pinch of cinnamon. Simple and delicious suits KICK! Raspberry just as good as a snack as breakfast or brunch.

Rich in fiber.

Crunchy granola with whole grain oats.

FODMAP-friendly, lactose-free and vegan.

With pure oats that have been specially handled from seed, through cultivation and threshing to manufacturing to minimize the risk of interference with other types of grain.

Gluten-free oatmeal (54%), rice flour, sugar, rapeseed oil, syrup, dried raspberries (1.4%), flavoring (vanilla), salt.