Semper Chia Crackers Sea Salt - 160 grams

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Gluten-free biscuits with chia and a touch of sea salt.

Offer gluten-free lightly salted chia biscuits, carefully baked with chia seeds. Serve and eat as is, or combine with a good cream cheese. Fits just as well in the picnic basket as on a tray with your favorite cheeses and some fresh figs.

FODMAP-friendly and with fiber.

Vegan, dairy-free and without added sugar and palm oil.

Easy to pack for the excursion - luxurious to present on a nice cheese tray.

Crackers from Semper are available in several different flavors.

Coconut oil, whole grain rice flour (18%), rice flour, corn starch, quinoa flour (10%), corn flour, rice starch, chia seeds (3%), psyllium husks, sea salt (1.5%), baking powder (ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate), apple extract, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin ), antioxidants (extracts of rosemary, tocopherol-rich extracts).