Caj P. Hamburger Dressing Vegan - 280 ml

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A good burger dressing is absolutely essential for freshly grilled burgers! Caj P.'s new burger dressing is a beautiful pink with crunchy bits of cucumber and perfect creaminess, making it our absolute favorite on the burger. It also suits everyone around the table as it is completely vegan!

INGREDIENTS / AINESOSAT Rapeseed oil/Rapsioljöy, water/water/vesi, vinegar/vinegar/vinegar, sugar/sugar/sugar, tomato puree/tomato puree, cucumber mix/cucumber mix/kurkkuseos (cucumber/cucumber/kurkkku, water/water/vesi, vinegar/vinegar /viinietikka, sugar/sugar/sugar, salt/suola), salt/suola, onion/løk/sipuli, stabilizer/stabilointiaineet (E1422, E415), MUSTARD/SENNEP/SINAPPI, white pepper/white pepper/valkopippuri, preservative/säilöntäaine ( E202), Paprika, Antioxidant/Antioxidant/Hapettumenestoaine (E385).