Betavivo Oat-Hearts - 644 grams

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If you have high cholesterol levels, you can influence your blood sugar through the right diet. Betavivo Hjärtan is a natural oat-based product that helps the body lower blood sugar and cholesterol. The product contains betaglucan, which forms a gel in the stomach that binds bile acids while delaying the absorption of carbohydrates. This makes the blood sugar in the blood more even.

Betavivo Hjärtan is a bit like muesli in its texture and works great to have in your file or yogurt. The product contains 3 g of beta glucan per dose, which is the dose required to lower cholesterol and blood sugar. Betavivo was previously called Betaglucare.

Dosage & use
Add one measure (0.9 dl) of Betavivo to your diet once a day. Dosage measure included. The oat product has a neutral taste and works very well as a filet. Talk to your doctor before starting a diet for high cholesterol or diabetes.

Ingredients: 60% Oat bran with 22% betaglucan, corn flour, fructose.