Johnny's Mustard Mango & Habanero - 500 grams

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Has a beautiful golden brown color with fine green and red pieces from the chili fruit. The scent is fruity and fresh with hints of citrus and tropical fruits. The taste immediately surprises with an attack of lively and resilient mango flavor that is immediately followed by a nice, piquant peppery heat. The aftertaste is long with a lively and intensely acidic character. A really refreshing mustard with a nice fruity character.


Great with grilled fish and meat or as a dip for fresh vegetables.


A given combination for pulled pork stuffed in a good bread. Makes a nice flavor enhancer as a topping for the Peruvian dish ceviche. Also try something different: use Johnnys Mustard Mango & Habanero as a sauce for vanilla ice cream!

Sugar/Sugar, water/vesi, mustard seed/mustard seed, vinegar/etikka, salt/suola, mango puree (1%)/mango sauce (1%), chili, spices (including habanero, cinnamon, coriander)/mausteet (including habanero , cinnamon, coriander), mango aroma/ mango aroma.