Estrella Lentil Curls, Real Cheddar, Sourcream & Onion - 125 grams

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Estrella was the first in the world to launch tasty, crisp Lentil bows with rich real cheddar and after that the Lentil bows also got a friend! Lentil bows Real Cheddar with Sourcream & Onion mixes crispness and crunch with an almost roasted aftertaste from the lentils. The bows are properly seasoned with real cheddar cheese and topped with our classic spice Sourcream & Onion. The sour cream and onions give a sour, sweet and full flavor profile that pops a little extra. In addition, they contain a whopping 15% protein – wow!

Lentil flour (30%), corn flour, sunflower/rapeseed oil, CHEESE powder (9% of which 30% Cheddar), BUTTERY MILK powder, WHEY powder, salt, sugar, onion (garlic, yellow onion, chives, chives), dextrose, paprika extract, potassium chloride, maltodextrin , yeast extract, acid (lactic and citric acid), tomato, natural aroma.